Nota Betreffende de Kwantan-districten in midden Sumatra,Schetskaartje schaal 1:250.000

Diterbitkan pada tahun 1915 oleh sn di sl.
Ditulis oleh L. H. Kroll


This is a travel report of an introduction visit to the area to get a permission for an investigation on the mining capability of the Kuantan district. A little upstream of Indragiri - Kuantan boundary a 1,8 m coal layer was found, lying in an anticlinal fold, seems to belong to a younger formation. It was informed that in a left tributary of the Kuantan, an oil finding place was found ( see the location map enclosed). Other information stated the existence of other oil finding place on the river Kukok, right-side tributary of the Kuantan.

A little down stream of the village Taluk, there are several placer of gold panning at the river sides. During the market-days gold grains are traded and exported to Padang-highlands ( West Sumatra). The water shed of river Denalo, to the south of Taluk, becomes the gold prospecting place of the people.

The hilly areas beyond the Denalo valley are proven to be gold-barren, while in the roll-stone built valley gold is found every where, the most prospective point is at the upstream part where the river branches the gold can be gaine up to 13-18 grains in one pan. The gold becomes more scarcely found down stream. At the head water of Batang Salo, a rather thick quartz vein crosses the river : a panning proof resulting high content of gold in the stream sand down stream the vein, but up stream of it gold is absent. Stream deposits at both sides of the Kuantan river are equally gold containing. Accross the water devide, near the Batang Lembu, tributary of the batang Sinyinyi, is actualy very much gold containing, and curious enough that only a few people pan gold here.

People of Jakai practise gold panning in a very intensive and effective way; they remove river bed layer after layer to be panned, while people of the other side of the water devide pans only after flood river deposits. Practically, it seems that, river deposits of the Batang Kuantan and its tributaries are gold containing, which not all of them where visitted during the trip because the gold mining capability of the area has been proven enough the need to prepare a further investigation

Nota Betreffende de Kwantan-districten in midden Sumatra,Schetskaartje schaal 1:250.000
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